PowerShift by Daymond John is out today!


PowerShift, a book by FUBU boss and the CEO of the Shark Group , Daymond John, is out today at bookstores across America.

PowerShift which features celebrities like Pitbull, Mark Cuban and Kris Jenner explores how people can shift success from their field of expertise to a new one without losing impact. Daymond John, describes it simply as taking control and creating moments of true change.’

Take Control. Influence. Negotiate

PowerShift like Daymond’s previous books The Brand Within, Rise and Grind as well as the Power Of Broke will most likely be a best seller; a good reason why I preordered my copy two months ago.

In the video below Daymond shares a key PowerShift principle that every successful person like himself has …

Daymond Shares a key PowerShift principle

Now it’s in and I can’t wait to start reading this weekend.

Got my copy; ready to PowerShift!

In another post I’ll share with you my experience as Daymond’s PowerShift Ambassador as well as what I have learnt about the science of ‘PowerShifting’ from Daymond during the last few months.

For now you really should head out to the book store near you to get your copy of PowerShift or click on this link to order online ; you’ll be glad you did!

Journaling towards 2030…

I have been in reflection mode as the year comes to an end. More important is the realisation that an entire decade has gone by.

This week I took stock of the last ten years and I must admit, looking at the bigger picture made the pitfalls less profound and the wins more heartwarming. To do this, I used my #journaling model asking myself a series of strategic questions that cut through the fluff, allowing me to write down responses that are clear and straight to the point.

I know many people are gosling for the year 2020 which is apt but I’d like to go further and plan more futuristically by looking at a 10 year plan instead of a one year plan. So I will be journaling for 2030 and if you’re interested do leave a comment on this post. Otherwise here’s to a lovely Friday! 🥂