Supermodel, Naomi Campbell veers into Photography

Naomi Campbell is featured in Essence Magazine’s monthly amidst Covid times. Coolest part of this is that she’s taken the Photographs herself. Yes, these are Self Potraits and as someone who likes to photograph things and who admires Ms. Campbell I’ll have to say that I am beyond impressed.

Photo Credit: Naomi Campbell

You see, Naomi has taken up a campaign to use her supermodel status and fame to raise awareness about Africans and their talents, especially those at home. She was in Ghana for Christmas with her mother , Valerie in December. She’s in and out of Nigeria and Kenya many times each year and just this weekend , she posted an Instagram update about the maltreatment of Africans in China.

Naomi (‘fam’ I like to whisper to myself occasionally lol) veered into writing, acting and humanitarian work. With Covid-19 hitting New York hard , she’s taken to live! interviews with fellow Celebrities like Diddy, Serena and Venus Williams as well as Marc Jacobs- just to mention a few. Now, we can add photography to her list of skills.

Photography seems like a walk in the park except when you have to do it for professional reasons. Trust me, everything matters.The headroom, perspective, depth of field, the lightening….

The worst thing that could happen is for you to take a series of photos then realise that the quality is off. But self photography isn’t all she’s done for the shoot. She selected her outfits, did her make up and adjusted camera settings before positioning the camera settings several times. If no one told you, you’d think a professional photographer had gone in to set things up.

Anyway, enough of the rave. Check out the story in Essence Magazine’s website.

The Covid-19 Economy is a Digital one

If you own a business and you’re wondering how to thrive amidst the Corona Virus pandemic, know this: Diversification of skills is key.

Scratch that. Everyone who has been brainstorming while on lockdown knows that.

They should also admit to themselves that unless the work they do is filed under ‘essential services’, their businesses need to go digital on online to survive.

Some of my writings cover travel and culture so one of the sectors that came to mind for me was tourism. Tourism seems like it will be taking a bow for the rest of 2020 but if you look closely, you will see opportunities to diversify its offerings.

You will see opportunities to diversify your business’ offerings

One of the things, Daymond John’s book, ‘Powershift’ is taught me is the need to always focus on the why.

As per why do people like to travel? To get a particular feeling. Now how can you present the same feeling using digital? That’s where Multimedia Specialists and IT/ software developers come in.

Be it Tourism, or fashion or even agriculture, the cyber factor has to be integrated. Some practices like remote working and online meetings will have to be integrated into our system- permanently.

Like it or not, it will be business ‘unusual ‘and you have to do one of two things: Learn the skills needed or hire someone who has them.