Journaling Your History

Imagine if your grand parents documented all their thoughts in a journal and then willed it to you. Yes, let that sink in. It would have details of what their parents taught them. It would also have details of what their grandparents taught them. They would contain thoughts, activities, processes, idosycracies instead of general knowledge.Continue reading “Journaling Your History”

Happy New Year and January 2020 Sessions

Happy New Year, You! Great to see you made it to 2020!!! Thanks for stopping by especially since I know you’re mighty busy this start of the year. All around the world , New Year resolutions are being tweaked, Plans are being worked out and parents are getting ready to send their kids back toContinue reading “Happy New Year and January 2020 Sessions”

Journaling your way to Self Awareness with Amina

On Thursday the 7th Of November 2019, I had the privilege of taking my Journaling your way to Self Awareness Course to the American Corner of the US Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria. For most of the part the course has been online and has attracted about 70 people from across Nigeria. Together , we journeyedContinue reading “Journaling your way to Self Awareness with Amina”