Journaling towards 2030…

I have been in reflection mode as the year comes to an end. More important is the realisation that an entire decade has gone by.

This week I took stock of the last ten years and I must admit, looking at the bigger picture made the pitfalls less profound and the wins more heartwarming. To do this, I used my #journaling model asking myself a series of strategic questions that cut through the fluff, allowing me to write down responses that are clear and straight to the point.

I know many people are gosling for the year 2020 which is apt but I’d like to go further and plan more futuristically by looking at a 10 year plan instead of a one year plan. So I will be journaling for 2030 and if you’re interested do leave a comment on this post. Otherwise here’s to a lovely Friday! 🥂

Journaling your way to Self Awareness with Amina

On Thursday the 7th Of November 2019, I had the privilege of taking my Journaling your way to Self Awareness Course to the American Corner of the US Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria.

For most of the part the course has been online and has attracted about 70 people from across Nigeria. Together , we journeyed towards a clearer process of realigning our thoughts with me providing strategic questions and having them respond with answers that are geared towards unlocking the recesses of their mind. We also have phone discussions as part of the process.

The course comes in four modules but my presentation / facilitation focused on Mental Health and how to manage it using the therapeutic form of writing.

There’s a lot of mental issues in Nigeria and the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 30 %of the Nigerian population battles with mental health issues. This explains the spate of suicides and homicides that have have been reported on our local news channels.

Journaling does not cure mental health. It can however help you maintain a good one. It can also help to detect patterns in your life thereby allowing you to decide if they are ones you’d like to replicate or just do away with.

Grateful to the Public Affairs Session Of the US Embassy in Nigeria for letting me share necessary tools with close to 100 participants at yesterday’s event.