The Covid-19 Economy is a Digital one

If you own a business and you’re wondering how to thrive amidst the Corona Virus pandemic, know this: Diversification of skills is key. Scratch that. Everyone who has been brainstorming while on lockdown knows that. They should also admit to themselves that unless the work they do is filed under ‘essential services’, their businesses needContinue reading “The Covid-19 Economy is a Digital one”

5 brands that are promoting Social Distancing

Self Isolation. Quarantine. Social Distancing . These are some of the words that checker our conversations on a daily basis. Be it on the internet , over the telephone or even on the street where you live. ( the few times you get to be there, anyway.) As the world adjusts to the new lifestyleContinue reading “5 brands that are promoting Social Distancing”

Corona Is no longer just a school…

There was a time the word ‘Corona’ meant a school to me. The kids wore check white and red dresses with a similar shirts for boys and matching maroon colored shorts. Now, it just seems like a byword. Like that unwanted relative that shows up and pokes a finger at our ribs as a gentleContinue reading “Corona Is no longer just a school…”