The Covid-19 Economy is a Digital one

If you own a business and you’re wondering how to thrive amidst the Corona Virus pandemic, know this: Diversification of skills is key.

Scratch that. Everyone who has been brainstorming while on lockdown knows that.

They should also admit to themselves that unless the work they do is filed under ‘essential services’, their businesses need to go digital on online to survive.

Some of my writings cover travel and culture so one of the sectors that came to mind for me was tourism. Tourism seems like it will be taking a bow for the rest of 2020 but if you look closely, you will see opportunities to diversify its offerings.

You will see opportunities to diversify your business’ offerings

One of the things, Daymond John’s book, ‘Powershift’ is taught me is the need to always focus on the why.

As per why do people like to travel? To get a particular feeling. Now how can you present the same feeling using digital? That’s where Multimedia Specialists and IT/ software developers come in.

Be it Tourism, or fashion or even agriculture, the cyber factor has to be integrated. Some practices like remote working and online meetings will have to be integrated into our system- permanently.

Like it or not, it will be business ‘unusual ‘and you have to do one of two things: Learn the skills needed or hire someone who has them.

5 brands that are promoting Social Distancing

Self Isolation. Quarantine. Social Distancing .

These are some of the words that checker our conversations on a daily basis. Be it on the internet , over the telephone or even on the street where you live. ( the few times you get to be there, anyway.)

As the world adjusts to the new lifestyle Covid-19 has imposed on us, socio-economic sectors are adjusting really quickly and the PR and Advertising sector is adopting Creative methods to show it’s relevance in the scheme of things.

Here are five adverts that have found a way to promote their products while injecting a subtle message on the importance of Social Distancing.

Ukraine’s Ministry Of Culture and Information Policy: Ukraine has leveraged on the just completed Easter season to use what appears to be the image of the Virgin Mary to urge its citizens to wear gloves. Even when in prayer

Volvo: Until I saw this ad, Id thought you were safe in your car but Volvo says no! So I went to a friend by the name of Google but couldn’t find information I properly trusted so…Ill say it’s safe to stick with Volvo and avoid too much driving around, for now. You can never be too careful.

Burger King: Burger King displays full ingredients of its famous burger. Basically they are saying : Do you want a burger? We’ll teach you how to make one at home,-don’t come to us. But here’s the genius aspect of this ad: There is a secret ingredient missing from the list. I mean, which serious business gives all its winning moves? And if you don’t believe me, go ahead and put it together. The one thing we will agree on in the end is the fact that you won’t be able to wait for them to reopen. Yes, you will find yours to be a relatively bland imitation but don’t take my word for it; try it first.

Audi: Audi’s new advert gives a subtle message on the importance of #Social distancing. This short Gif shows the circles unlocking to give space, just as we are all advised to with each other .

Nike: Nike’s messaging is simply hilarious and speaks for itself. For all those who’ve always fancied themselves to be the local area ‘Ronaldo’ of the video game world , this is the best time to switch it back on and yell till your lungs get fired up. And oh, don’t forget to wear a Nike wristband. I always believe you should go hard or go home. Or stay home…:)