Five books I got from the Brooklyn Book Festival 

I’m currently reading about 4 books. I have at least 100 unread ones in my library. So a few weeks back I told my self. ‘Don’t buy any more till you’ve read all you have.’ After that pep talk, I thought me, myself, and I were in agreement but I guess I was wrong.
My mistake was attending the Brooklyn Book Festival at Borough Hall yesterday; I ended up leaving with a bag of books. I have good reason too. Check out the list of the top five books I got and you’ll not have the heart to blame me…

1. Arms from the Sea by Rich Shapero:

I got this beautiful hard cover book because it was handed out to me. ‘ Would you like an adventure novel?’ No thanks was my response. ‘ I’m giving you for free.’ Rain check. What sort of adventures are you talking about? I asked her. Truth be told, I don’t read adventure ( apart from the Famous Five I binged on before I became a teenager ) but there’s always a first time… I took the book but the Nigerian in me had to ask why it’s free. Nothing goes for nothing especially in this society. It’s part of our marketing strategy she explained. So I received it with thanks and so far have smelt it ( because new books smell great. Show of hands if you agree:)) , browsed through the pages and I’ve had a quick look the synopsis: The book is about a man Lyle- tired of life- who gulps down poison and ends up in a supernatural realm. Reminds me of Amos Tutuola’s The Palmwine Drinkard…

2. French Women Don’t get fat is a second hand book that caught my eye while I was trying to leave the festival.

Story line: French girl visits  America and returns home to France, fat. A family doctor teaches her how to eat pastry, bread and all the good things a girl can eat. And not get fat. I’d like to read this bit. Besides I hear it’s hilarious and I love humour. All is well that ends well, basically.

3. The Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien ( part 1 ) was my get one free.

Two months back, my friend spent a significant amount of time talking about the book’s opening pages. I said I was finally going to watch the movie because I had Game of Thrones withdrawal symptoms. How was I to live without dragons, several kings, wannabe queens and the constant reminder that ‘Winter is Coming?’ Another motion film product of a book that was reportedly similar to GOT author seemed like a plan. She told me to scratch that; the book was far better. I wouldn’t argue with that. I’d read somewhere once, ‘Read a good book before Hollywood destroys it.’ I’ll try but something tells me I’ll watch the movie before I finish the ‘Lord of the Rings’ novel.

4. I spent a little more money on the Bible Year book for Children: This is a small children’s Bible by Ernest Nister and it is vintage stuff.

Nister was a London based German publisher in the 19th Century. This book – like many he published back then- is well Calligraphed with lithographic pictures set in some select pages. If fact, I’m told that with a magnifying glass, I can actually see the stone markings. I bought it because they have well selected biblical verses that are great to Meditate on. But I own several bibles so I’ll have to share the primary truth: It is old and it would be great to own an antique.

5. The first edition of Life of the Lord by Charles Dickens: was published post humously .

The manuscript was apparently found a few years after dear Charles died. My latest acquisition has these words across the second page ,

 Written for his children during the years 1846-1849 by Charles Dickens and now first published 1934 Simon and Schuster.

This is the stuff world class libraries boast of. I’m pretty excited to have it; worth every penny spent. ‘It’s a rare find,’ the elderly man who sold it to me said. I agree with him.

I sat in for one of  many industry discussions but most of my time at the festival was spent visiting and talking with people at different book industry stands. I stopped by at the Paris Review stand and even got to pen down a quick story where the One Story crew was set up.

All in all, it was a good day.


YouTube’s clap back

Just last month Facebook announced Watch, an upgrade on its Video hosting platform. The perks were many: a platform that allows creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work.

You may recall I wrote it that was a move that could kick Facebook off its top spot as video King, adding and I quote:

For now Watch will be launched in the US alone, giving YouTube a little time to dash into its workshop and further up its game.

Well here is what’s happening:

YouTube as I suggested has been up in its lab ever since , tinkering at its award winning software. It’s been a about a month but their project upgrade? It’s alive!

Kurt Wilms , YouTube Live Product Lead, said on the company’s blog earlier this week:

Whether it’s solar eclipses,NBA superstars, the hottest music artists, pro gamers,creators donating to charity, or the world’s most famous giraffe, creators use live to connect with fans during the moments that matter.

Their upgrade includes:

  • Real-time interaction
  • New tools to make live chat moderation easier
  • Stream more easily from iPhone and iPad right to the main YouTube app

This is turning out to be as interesting as a game of table tennis. Will this continue or will someone eventually through in the towel? 

If you’re a creator who very interested in the nitti gritty of the new and improved YouTube,  click  here for more on this juicy news.

Fundraiser accounts and drop of Centres for flood Victims in Markurdi

This is Markurdi in Nigeria, not Texas

Today is the Beginning of my birthday month so I’m super excited. It’s not just because on the 24th I will be a year older( officially) but because on several Facebook posts, I see details on fundraising account details and drop off centres for Victims of the flood in Makurdi.
For close to two weeks the world has been agog with talks of the flood in Houston- Texas. Hashtags went up, ‘ pray for Texas’, Volunteers from Neighbouring cities dragged their boats and supplies to help victims : some had lost their lives, many their homes. Nigerians joined in: a hashtag, a word of encouragement. Then came low key reportage of a flood in Makurdi in Nigeria. Thousands had been displaced but news on it remained low key. 

Gradually, the posts started to come in: ‘ Why don’t we have a hashtag for Markurdi? This Facebook update did it for me:

It a good thing to stand in Solidarity with those facing disaster but when we have one of our own, we have to attend to them Wholly. It is good to pray but sometimes more is needed.

What Nigerians are learning from Texans

These are the thoughts I shared on my Facebook page yesterday:

One thing we can learn from Hurricane Harvey’s visit to Texas: when it affects one part of Nigeria, it affects all. We too need to set up distribution centres and fundraiser accounts for victims of the disasters we’ve seen in Makurdi👇🏾, Maiduguri, Kaduna, Lagos and any other part of the country i may have missed out on. We don’t always have to look to the government; this is one aspect we can control to an extent.

A friend posted account details by way of comment: 

Support Dr Kwen’s relief team

Kwen Daniel Terkumbur,GTBank 0116291920 Call: 08036651757,08099352687

Drop Off Centres

If you can, send a contribution through these accounts and drop off Centres. I will update other Centres as I find them.

Cheers to the weekend!

Could Facebook’s Watch tip YouTube off the top of the Video market?

Sometimes the name that gets attention is Straight forward and obvious. Remember Audrey Hepburn’s pet in Breakfast in Tifanny’s? It was an orange Coloured feline simply referred to as cat. I mean I watched the movie only a couple years back and don’t remember what Hepburn’s character was called but I certainly remember Cat.

So when Facebook decides it’s launching a tab that allows users host regular videos in TV style , called Watch, I say it’s smart.

Smart because it’s simple, memorable and descriptive…Watch. It is for watching, afterall. It’s the kind of information you would instantly give if someone woke you at 2.34 am in the morning, just as the fog settles into your head and asked you what it’s called( This is in reference to regular mortals, mind, not the types that can tell you the square root of 9.36 trillion in the split second)

According to Facebook,

Watch is a platform for all creators and publishers to find an audience, build a community of passionate fans, and earn money for their work. We think a wide variety of Facebook shows can be successful…

If you’re a new Vblogger, you’re in luck. It looks like Facebook has put some modalities in place to ensure audience growth, amongst others.

The creation of this video tab is one of the amazing ways Facebook keeps reinventing its game , beating its competitors in the process. Which competitors? You ask. My sentiments, exactly.

<a target=”_blank” href=”″><img src=”; alt=”Tweet: If you’re a new Vblogger, you’re in luck. It looks like Facebook has put some modalities in place to ensure audience growth, amongst others.” /></a>

When it comes to hosting videos though, YouTube has always been the top shot; Vimeo tried but never quite rose to the occasion. This time around however , YouTube appears to be facing some serious opposition. If you’ve followed the history and growth of Facebook, youll realize they don’t start perfect. They begin with a foot in, test the waters and gradually plunge the rest of their body in as they nip, tuck and review their services. See what happened after they bought WhatsApp and Instagram? Notice all the live updates and the extra ‘like’ buttons plus the live stories that suddenly showed up on your newsfeed? For now Watch will be launched in the US alone, giving YouTube a little time to dash into its workshop and further up its game.

In the meantime, we’ll sit back and watch as these social media giants fight to sustain fans through video innovation.

Who do you think would win, though?

Here’s what happens while you share Speed Darlington’s videos

Speed Darlington’s Bangdadadang is sticky.
It’s like a small clock in your head that won’t just stop….

I’m not regular!
I call through like ‘Bangdadadang’
Smash through like Bangdadadang , Dadadang!

Arghhh! It just won’t stop!

So many people are either talking about it, singing what they know of it or viewing it.

Over and Over. Again.

Many say embracing his music is an act of mediocrity- they say his lyrics are substandard. Maybe. But how many Nigerian songs have lyrics that aren’t?

Shall I point to Harry Song’s ‘ Fine Girl ?’

Fine Geh, Sessy geh(Sexy)
Fine Geh, is a goody geh

Or this particular song I have been trying to find in which the artist goes,

Se bi na indomie you gimme chop o?Araga rigi rigi rigi raga (I know!)

For a long time Nigerian artists have produced music banking on the fact that more people dance to the instrumentals and not the lyrics of a song. What then stops Speed from tapping into this thriving musical trend?
Admittedly, Bangdadadang could do with better studio production amongst others. Aside from this, it has managed to embrace what can be termed as ‘ good music.’ His music has a rhythm, sends a message and….well, it’s very sticky.

According to Malcolm Gladwell, a thing becomes sticky when it is memorable and can be easily passed on. ( to the next potential critic or fan). Also the art of repetition helps out. There is a thin line between hostility and acceptance. Gladwell says,

There is a simple way to package information that, under the right circumstances, can make it irresistible.-

Like it or not, Bangdadadang is kind of sticky, isn’t it? Even more sticky is Speedy Darlington’s personality: one moment you’re laughing at him and then the very next, you find yourself laughing with him and wondering to yourself, wait a minute! He’s got so many fans (including you) what’s happening?
He is experiencing all the things that growing brands go through and you are very much part of it:

Here’s how:

1. The reversed endorsement:

A Speed Darlington fan in Kenya

Hey, you know how it is when people or companies want to launch a product and then they get celebrities to endorse them? Well thats what Speed is getting even without soliciting for it. In this case, its reversed endorsement laced with negative comments, in some cases.

A Speed Darlington fan in France

In PR it is said that there is no such thing as bad publicity. In Speed’s case the haters share with their network to show their amusement, shock or whatever emotion they are feeling and this keeps his social media numbers rising. Mahatma Ghandi used to say and I quote,

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

2. He’s Riding the wave: Did you know, Speed is a US based filmmaker?

Speed( right) on the set of The Divorce

A lot of people think he’s some ‘razz’ dude that decided to take advantage of a free beat but there’s more to him that meets the ear buds. He recently shot a short film called The Divorce. The movie was done in two locations-Manhattan and Newyork, something he casually mentions to his Instagram fans. I don’t know about you but I’d like to see if  The Divorce has a comic twist to it. So if it’s available, then I’m watching. In an earlier post, I wrote about how actress, Lupita Nyongo keeps evolving her brand. It’s mostly about taking every opportunity given to showcase her talents to potential fans, investors and collaborations. This is what Speed Darlington has managed to achieve. He is currently under the radar and he’s milking the attention as best he can.

3. His confidence is contagious: Speed says,

 ‘I go after anything I want, I chase it till I get it, I don’t care who it belongs to.’

So he lets the criticisms roll off his back like water slides off oil. Speed is focused on those who like him; nothing else. Six days ago, he was up at 4am, popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate a milestone: his number of fans had hit 40,000 and he wanted to celebrate before – get this-he hit 41,000. I was chatting with my brother about Speed the other day and he said, ‘ Can you imagine what a person can accomplish with that kind of confidence?’ I can only imagine but I know he’s hit over to 46,000 fans on Instagram alone and is now headlined to perform amongst the likes of PSquare, Tiwa Savage, Teckno , David and BankyW at the One Africa Music Fest in Newyork City, later this month. Dr Sid has also gone online to reveal that he will be taking Speed Darlington to Nigeria soon, I’m almost sure.

4. A deliberate Brand strategy: 

Let’s look at Speed’s so called ‘unappealing’ accent but back up a bit. This guy has lived in New York for at least 17 years. He is a filmmaker that works with a cross section of people from different races, but claims to have an Ibotic accent. Whether it’s real or not, the accent is one of the things- please don’t shoot me- that adds ‘flava‘ to his music. From Several states of the United States right across the UK through Kenya and Nigeria, among others, children, teens, men and women and famous people are posting videos with the hashtag #Bangdadadang. The guy has gone viral-with his intricate braided African hairstyles, women headdresses and facial expressions.

It looks like this guy is working with a template; most organisations and personalities from Coca-Cola, to Beyonce  down to our king of Nigerian comedy, Alibaba do. Speedy may not be as famous as they are but he’s certainly getting some attention!

According to the American Marketing Association:

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

 I think Speed has managed to accomplish this and studying him may be a good way to experience some spurt of growth with your brand. In May this year, he was endorsed by American rapstar star and Enterpreneur, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs.

‘I love this brother!’ Diddy wrote as an intro to the video he shared. ‘He inspires me.’

And to my mind, it doesn’t get better than that.

Speed was endorsed by American star, Diddy in May 2017

10 Inspirational Quotes from the Pan African Weekend

The Panelists

Two Fridays ago I attended the Pan African Women’s Forum in Newyork. It was an amazing experience, hearing all these women talk about their various Entrepreneurial and Creative journeys. One person who really stood out was Mushiya Tshikuka, the Founder Runway Girls. She was witty, unapologetic while sharing useful nuggets with us.

Another person who wowed me was fellow Nigerian Doctor Wendy Osefo, a professor of Education at the John Hopkins University and a political commentator. By the time they reeled out her achievements, I was expecteding a middle aged woman but was surprised to see her waltz in.

Wendy Osefo( Left) and yours truly

So here are the top 10 quotes from the event. I hope they inspire you as much as they have, me.

When you have the opportunity to bring in someone that looks like you, you’d better! – Dr Wendy Osefo, Professor and Political Commentator 

No matter what happens in your life you can’t reach that crossroad and give up.’ Chiney Ogwumike WNBA Player

‘ Don’t miss the moments because you’re only you’re only young once.’- Chiney Ogwumike WNBA

‘ I build black, I build African but I sell to everyone.’ –Mushiya Tshikuka, Founder Runway Girls

‘Stop dreaming and start goaling; there’s a difference.’-Mushiya Tshikuka, , Founder Runway Girls

Big actions are sometimes small actions. It’s the little things that matter.’- Arbrima Erwiah , Co founder and President, Studio 189

‘ If it’s on your ass, it’s not an asset. Think about growing and protecting your wealth.’ —Uchente Emuleomo VP of Corporate Counsel, Prudential

‘ People don’t have to take you seriously; you just have to take yourself seriously.’ Adenah Adebayo CEO IHOP Franchise

If you live in America and you’ve got 99 problems like JayZ just brush it off.’-Uchente Emuleomo VP of Corporate Counsel, Prudential

‘ Failure is not an option.’-Dana Reed, Interim CEO , The African Centre