Hi, I am Amina Maikori , a broadcast journalist turned multimedia specialist.

Translation: I create content for TV, Radio Print, and all forms of new media. I’m also that point between amateur and professional photographer- they are not necessarily bad photos:)

If you are looking for Reviews, views and interviews, this is probably the place to be.

Is this your first time here? No? Welcome Back. If yes, then Welcome! Here’s a quick guide to getting around:

  • My latest blog is an Interview with Newyork based Comedian, Simon Taylor. He is hilarious.
  • Sometimes, I analyze the most unlikely of people brands. Check out Here’s what happens while you share Speed Darlington’s videos. Speedy turning out to be one of Nigeria’s most entertaining exports. Read all about him and feel free to leave a comment!
  • #PeopleThatInspire My interviews/ Q&A sessions/ ‘How to’ series are meant to inspire a wider reach. I try to get the backstories from those doing well in their fields of expertise. Sometimes they are famous people you’ve heard about. Other times they are not but have an impressive portfolio.

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