We are Journaling for Mental health in Crises, this month. Care to join us?

Many of us have been anxious about the uncertainty of everything: Life, work etc and uncomfortable about staying at a single spot during this lockdown period.

All this is shrouded in our fear of the unknown. I figured if people are able to identify specific fears they have around Covid-19 and its impact on their lives, they would be positioned to managing their mental health by planning for aspects of their lives they are worried about.

Top at the list of worries is mortality and then how to sustain ones self and the family. Questions like: Why my business pack up? Will I run out of funds during lockdown? What happens to my farm ? My eatery Business has had to close down. What can the government do for me? What business will or will not thrive? Just to mention a few.

‘Journaling for Mental Health in Crises’ will give you keys to plan for this season of uncertainty using the art of journaling. This 2 hour session aims to bring inner calm by using the process of writing.

✅Journaling Overview and Tips

✅Identifying your mental health issues in Covid-19 times.

✅You will receive a list of questions as well as facts and figures to help you examine and identify you fears and also help you create a survival plan.

✅You will receive a 5 day activity plan to help thrive through lockdown.

✅Three Songs to improve your mood and raise your vibrations

✅Sharing / Discussion Session on mental health issues

This month’s session is going for a highly discounted rate-about 75 percent off- inline with the rise in mental health issues, brought on by the Corona Virus disease. If you’d like to be part of this , send me an email at info@aminamaikori.

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